Breathing life... Speaking life

Because being ALIVE is so much more than something you feel.

LIVE "You'll come ALIVE and realize that I am God..."  Ezekiel 37.6


The book of Ezekiel chapter 37 speaks about the valley of dry bones. The dry bones symbolically speak of Israel. Israel's spiritual condition is lifeless and the prophet Ezekiel is commanded by God to prophecy and speak life into the lifeless bones of Israel that they may live. Ezekiel 37 is about giving life to the lifeless..

Our mission is to reach out and touch people with the good news of Jesus Christ.


The Vision

  • Most Holy Place - making every home the dwelling place of God.
  • Holy Place - the meeting-place for corporate worship, ministry and discipleship training. 
  • Outer Court - multiplying by living out the Christ life in everyday living.


When does Ezekiel 37 meet?

  • Worship Service; Sundays @11:00am 
  • Prayer Service/Bible Studies for Young Adults & Kids; Thursdays @7:30pm

Where is Ezekiel 37?

How should I come dressed?

We have four simple words to answer that question. "Come-as-YOU-are." We are all imperfect people seeking a perfect God who restores our lives with perfect Love. Seriously...come as you are.

Mid-week Services & Events

No upcoming events.